Team Development: what it looks like in practice

The basic approach

Each group engagement we undertake is unique and different. Whether preparing for a strategic offsite or team effectiveness or for conflict mediation, however, we always seek to conduct interviews with each team members to rapidly pinpoint the key issues. These findings are then summarised early during the event, in order to accelerate and focus discussion on the key levers for change. In addition, we may propose individual or team assessments, depending upon the engagement. At a minimum, however, our programmes would look as follows:

Integrating leadership, team and organisational development

Most of our executive level projects, however, tend to focus on a leadership journey: partnering a leadership team to plan and lead a process of organisational change over an extended period (typically six to twelve months). In these kind of situations, we will also integrate the steps outlined above with individual assessment and coaching, while the team implements business transformation activity between offsite meetings. Additionally, we may also introduce team and organisational assessments, depending upon the nature of the engagement. Typically, therefore, part of a leadership journey might look as follows:

The benefits

Our experience is that integrating leadership, team and organisational development greatly accelerates learning and change, creating the conditions for breakthrough performance. If you’ve got a challenge or opportunity with your team, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help – we’d love to talk.