What is Collective Intelligence?

In changing times we need to transform how we communicate and collaborate


For the last hundred years, we have treated organisations as machines. This mechanistic way of organising and leading, which we call "Directive Leadership" worked well during the Industrial Age, a time of much greater relative stability. Today, however, organisations need to be capable of both driving disciplined execution at scale, while also developing the collective agility and innovation needed to adapt to continuous change.

ambidextrous model

At Living Systems, we create ambidextrous organisations by developing the capacity for Collective Intelligence. It is not intended to replace traditional Directive Leadership, but to sit alongside it as an alternative approach, depending upon the situation. Based upon the principles of how nature adapts to disruption in natural ecosystems, Collective Intelligence enables teams and whole ecosystems to break through their most complex and critical challenges, while also developing the collective agility and innovation needed to adapt to stay resilient.

Collective Intelligence in action

Hear how Living Systems helped a leading sports brand to align on a new business model and roll it out across the organisation, resulting in exceptional sales results.

e-book: An introduction to Collective Intelligence

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Collective Intelligence develops the culture of high performance teamwork and collaborative innovation needed to make complex change work in an age of disruption.

This e-book explores the science behind Collective Intelligence and how it is being applied in businesses to:

  • Transform the quality of collective thinking and problem-solving
  • Foster tightly connected teams, groups and communities
  • Develop collective agility: the ability to sense, learn, adapt and respond as one
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