We reimagine organisations as connected, agile systems

Lead transformation and develop agility, at the same time

Whatever your transformation challenge, whether it's redesigning the business, changing your culture or shifting your business model,  we can help. Our unique approach transforms collaboration, enabling whole ecosystems to break through their most critical & complex transformation challenges,  while also building the adaptive capacity of the organisation.

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We combine capability in leadership, team and organisational development with organisational intelligence. We help helps teams develop clarity on their shared future vision for the organisation, as well as benchmarking current business performance

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We use Organisational Network Analysis to help leadership teams identify informal influencers sitting in key roles & recruit them change efforts. By forming  diverse change teams and developing the capacity for connected intelligence, we transform planning effectiveness

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We design & host events and spaces for whole ecosystems to break through their most critical & complex shared challenges. Our events transform connection & collaboration, catalysing collective innovation, clarity  & commitment around the way forward together

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Over time, we enable the development of transformational communities. We embed processes & ways of working that support continuous whole system learning, adaptation & innovation -  developing organisational agility & building resilience

What our clients say

"We hired them to support us with a major cultural change initiative.  The team provided incredible tireless and passionate support. Not only did they positively impact the work we were doing in the organisation, I learned A LOT from them... knowledge I still consistently put to use to this day."

Katie P, Communication Head, Global technology organisation

"They are excellent facilitators for top teams seeking to undertake organisational change.  Their facilitation style represents a unique mix of his first hand experience in strategy execution combined with depth of expertise in individual behaviour and group dynamics. Highly recommended."

Stephen P, Director Enterprise & infrastructure, Global social media business

"I would highly recommend them. Due to the team's previous experience of working in operational businesses, they immediately understood the project requirement.  They were easy to work with but very professional, delivering to some tight deadlines. The final recommendations were forward looking but practical. I would have no hesitation in employing them again."

Simon R, Asia President, Global Record label

"I have worked with them for several years now. Their approach not only delivered great results for our business but also re-invented the role of a consultant for me.  Their creativity, integrity, passion and professionalism are one of a kind. They are the best in leading change, learning and executive coaching I have seen so far."

Gregor S, Senior People Director EMEA, global technology organisation

How we can help



Our whole system approach drives engagement, buy-in and alignment while also optimising  design of the future organisation


& Innovation 

We enable whole ecosystems to break through  critical  shared challenges, by transforming how they work together


Culture & 
Behaviour change

Our programmes change mindsets & shift cultures. We mobilise  whole ecosystems around collective behaviour change



We foster clarity, alignment & collaboration across silos & develop the capacity for continuous learning

Our thinking and experience

Paper: whole ecosystem change

Whole system change is an approach that mobilises whole ecosystems to break through their most complex challenges

Case study: adapting to digital

For the last eight years we have partnered a leading FMCG multinational to adapt its business model to a digital retail environment

Case study: scaling an agile business

For two years we partnered a leading technology start-up to chart a growth path that enabled it to safeguard agility as it scaled

In practice: our approach

Whilst our exact approach varies by engagement this document illustrates our overall approach to organisational transformation