We are experts in experiential learning & creative immersion

In an increasingly volatile and complex world there is no 'how-to' manual. You can’t just send your people into a classroom to learn how to lead. They need to learn from doing: being immersed in a real activity, experimenting  with new behaviours, receiving feedback, then learning and adapting though experience. Traditional theory-based approaches are no longer enough on their own.

We have combined the best of immersive experiences, escape rooms, virtual reality technology together with the latest in behavioural science, leadership and group dynamics to create a whole new approach to team development, which we call Immersive Development Experiences.

Our services

Our programmes integrate experiential learning, creative immersion and action learning with cutting edge leadership theory and frameworks to transform leadership and develop a culture of high performance collaboration:



Our programmes transform leadership capacity and shift organisational cultures. By embedding immersive & experiential learning we not only make new skills stick but also inspire and change mindsets



Whether it's a strategic offsite, a team building session or collective problem solving, we create bespoke events that blend the business agenda, leadership & team development with experiential & immersive learning for best results



Whether its 50 or 500 people, we design events that integrate the strategic, relational and creative agenda, set in stunning surroundings. Our events engage & inspire, accelerating the business agenda while building connectivity & collaboration

The Quest for Collective Intelligence

Our latest Immersive Development Experience is a groundbreaking two day team leadership program designed to:

  • Transform the ability of leaders to facilitate agile collaboration
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Develop a culture of collaboration across your business

A new approach to experiential learning

Click on the image to read our latest blog, in which our Chief Gamegineering Officer (CGO) talks about his experience developing the Quest for Collective Intelligence, and how escape rooms inspired a new approach to experiential learning.