We equip leaders for complexity and uncertainty

Leadership Development

We develop connected leaders

In a world characterised by increasing interconnectedness, dizzying speed and unprecedented volatility, it's not just the rules of business but the nature of leadership itself that is changing. Our leadership programmes integrate horizontal and vertical development - transforming both "what you know" as well as "how you know".  We effect a step-change in leadership impact by developing adaptive capacity in three different areas: mental agility, relational agility and results-oriented agility. We call this the head, heart and hand of connected leadership.


Leadership &
HiPo Programmes

We help you effect a step-change in the self-awareness and capability of your leadership. Our programmes integrate vertical and horizontal development and our approach links development activity to business goals and outcomes, accelerating learning and business performance.



Whether you need to revitalise your management culture or scale up people manager capability quickly, We can help. We design and develop comprehensive programmes that deliver immediate business impact, while also developing a culture of management excellence.


Assessment and

We coach executives and leaders so they can quickly increase their performance and effectively drive immediate improvement, whilst also focusing on longer-term transformation. We are certified in most major psychometrics, so can tailor our approach to your specific requirements.


Immersive &
Experiential Learning

We can help you leverage the potential of immersive development. We design, produce and host transformational spaces that leverage the power of immersive and experiential learning. We design events and experiences that catalyse deep insight, shift mindsets and develop the capacity for collective leadership.

Our Approach

We introduce knowledge, skills, practices and tools that transform leadership influence and impact. We also have the business and psychology depth to support the broadening and deepening of awareness needed to evolve mental complexity, over time. We put your development budget to work - enabling personal learning and change to occur while working on live leadership and business priorities.

Our Team

Our team brings unrivalled depth and breadth of development capability - including business strategy, systems thinking, group dynamics, interpersonal effectiveness, transformational leadership, leadership agility, reflective inquiry, self-psychology, metacognition & mindfulness.

"The best leadership and career coaches I have ever encountered. They are genuine, insightful and have helped me discover things that have amazed me."

Marcus L, Senior VP, Global Fintech organisation.

"I had an opportunity to work with them on a rather sizable project involving the redesign of our entire management development curriculum.  They quickly established themselves as trusted advisors, experts and incredible business partners. They were quick to learn our business, developed a deep understanding of our challenges and helped drive measurable outcomes on time and within budget. Throughout the partnership, I came to know them as principled leaders with strong characters and a depth of integrity that results in my looking forward to the next partnership opportunity with them."


Paul G, Head of Organisational Development, US Charitable organisation.

"They provided an excellent outcome relative to the design and launch of the our global leadership program, which continues to be delivered today. Their strong empathy and creativity skills and their ability to quickly architect an L&D program that was aligned with real business needs was very impressive. Their key differentiator is that they consistently over deliver in terms of quality and value."


Enda E, Development Programme Head, Global telecoms company.

"Working with them is always a pleasure. They have a superb grasp of the psychological, interpersonal and organisational challenges faced by delegates in today's challenging business environment. I have seen first-hand how they work with delegates to achieve deep and meaningful transformation in self-perception. Highly recommended."

Anne S, Global software organisation.