Enabling Digital Transformation for a Leading Sporting Brand

How our work developing Collective Intelligence and embedding whole system change processes for a global sporting organisation enabled them to successfully implement a new digital transformation strategy to double double revenue in spite of difficult market conditions.

The Challenge

A global sporting brand was struggling with market disruption caused by the proliferation of digital platforms and channels. It required complete transformation of its overarching business model and fundamentally changing the roles of the sales and marketing teams within the commercial function. They had been through a number of budget cycles attempting to implement a new strategy and had so far failed to mobilise the extensive change in front-line behaviour required.

The Solution

We began by working in partnership with the lead of the global commercial function to review and refine their high level strategy, co-creating a two year transformation programme to adapt their business to an increasingly digital and competitive marketplace.

Whereas the organisation had historically operated with a top-down and siloed approach to transformation, we helped them to pioneer a whole system approach to change. Working in partnership with their digital experts, we designed a programme to bring together their top 100 leaders globally to develop a shared vision for the organisation. With this core group we designed and rolled out a robust change management programme to get the strategy implemented successfully organisation-wide, whilst also developing their capacity for Collective Intelligence to equip them with the tools for effective collaboration and communication moving forward.

The Outcome

This new approach to transformation enabled the organisation to successfully adapt its business model and go-to-market approach to a fast-changing digital marketplace. In addition, by developing the organisation’s capacity for Collective Intelligence and embedding a whole system change process, we helped to foster a culture of cross-boundary collaboration and developed the collective agility of the entire organisation. 

As a result of this work, the business saw its overall revenue and profit double, consistently delivering and exceeding its market commitments. This growth was achieved in spite of an increasingly competitive market and difficult operating conditions that have seen a number of competitors and major retail customers go out of business. 


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