Deliver crucible moments of learning for your people

Immersive Development Experiences

In an increasingly volatile and complex world there is no how-to manual. This means that you can’t just send your leaders and teams into a classroom to learn a definitive theory or best practice. Leaders need to learn from doing - by being immersed in an activity, experimenting  with new behaviours,  then reflecting and learning from their experience.

We have combined the best of immersive theatre, escape rooms, technology, leadership and team development to create a whole new approach to development - which we call Immersive Development Experiences, or IDEs.  Each experience has been designed by our team from the bottom-up to provide crucible moments of learning that deepen awareness, increase leadership range and transform leadership effectiveness - while also being incredibly engaging and fun.

IDE #1:  The Quest for Collective Intelligence

Take leadership and team development to the next level - and have a whole load of fun in the process!

What is it?

A ground-breaking 1 day immersive experience for accelerating leadership and team development - blending team challenges, immersive experiences and VR, together with leadership theory, facilitated debriefs and personal feedback sessions


Who is it for?

-  Companies looking to equip their leaders for volatility, complexity and uncertainty
- Teams looking to transform their collective effectiveness
- People coming back to the office that want a fun and worthwhile way to reconnect with each other

How does it work?

- A standalone one day event that can also be incorporated as part of a longer team offsite
- Designed for two teams of eight people - and can also be customised for teams of different sizes
- Designed to run in meeting rooms in your own offices, or we can also offer a number of partner venues

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"To take the concept of professional development and mix it with games & immersive theatre has been the best professional learning experience I have ever been on"

Our expertise

Immersive Development Experiences have been developed by a team with a unique breadth and depth of expertise.
Our staff bring years of experience across a wide range of disciplines:

Learning & Development

Our learning and development team have over 15 years experience in designing transformational leadership development programmes across a broad range of industries and organisations, with breadth of expertise across business strategy and change, relational dynamics and psychology.

Events and immersive theatre

Our team members have curated and run festivals for thousands across Europe, deployed art at Burning Man, produced major immersive theatre productions, as well as directed and acted on screen and stage.


Our gaming experts work designing and running Escape Rooms and have been responsible  for large scale collaboration pieces that are helping to redefine the industry


Our technology team  our experts in their field, bringing a diversity of expertise ranging from Silicon Valley, through working at the heart of UK government to pioneering the use of Augmented Reality at the European Space Agency.