We design and host transformational spaces

Events and Experiences

We create, produce and host spaces for collective connection, inspiration and breakthrough

Most of the senior leaders we speak to recognise the need to think differently about their businesses. However, often they hire the same old facilitation companies to run the same type of events, in the same hotel conference rooms – yet they expect different results.

Any attempt to innovate what you want to achieve without innovating how you bring people together is destined to fall short of expectations. In short, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Whether it’s an immersive retreat for 10 people, a creative hackathon for 500, or a company-wide event for 10,000, we develop spaces that connect – linking people, ideas and experiences to support breakthrough and transformation. All are creatively themed, expertly produced and event managed - and set in magical locations.



We specialise in creating participative environments that mobilise your organisation’s collective brainpower around your most important challenges. In parallel, we develop the capacity for Connected Intelligence - transforming meeting effectiveness and developing the capacity for collective leadership.


Annual Events

Are your yearly conferences feeling a bit formulaic and repetitive? Do you need to add some fresh thinking into how you mobilise your people around your strategic goals? We can help you deliver events that create greater engagement, foster genuine alignment and  catalyse breakthrough thinking.



We are specialists in experiential learning. We can design creative spaces and immersive experiences around your specific strategic business agenda. Whatever the size of your group, we have the creative and production capacity to turn this into reality.


that Matter

Whatever the meeting or event, we can help you design it and make it work.  Our team of business experts, leadership development consultants, group facilitators, creative practitioners and event producers can tailor a transformational space to your specific needs.

Our Approach

Our approach integrates the strategic, relational and creative agenda – tailoring spaces for you and your organisation which generate collective insight, inspiration and transformation.

Our Team

Our team brings unrivalled depth and breadth of capability, across a range of areas, including strategic planning, creative roster & design, large scale events production and event facilitation.