We design and host transformational spaces

Events and Experiences

Before the pandemic, we developed transformational spaces.  Our partners designed immersive retreats for 10 people, creative hackathons for 500 and events for 10,000. As soon as restrictions begin to be lifted, we will be back again doing these things - because face-to-face time has now become more valuable than ever. And that means continuing to transform how we relate, communicate, work together and organise.

For now, we are not letting something trivial like the shift to remote working get in the way of our work on connected intelligence. There's too much to do and the stakes are too high. In the virtual world our old maxim still holds true: any attempt to innovate in the "what" you want to achieve without innovating in the "how" people come together is destined to fall short  In other words, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. Whilst digital communication does create a number of challenges, specifically around social connection and intimacy, it also presents significant opportunities for those groups that are willing to think and act differently.

We can help groups and organisations not only adapt to remote working effectively but also to use it as an opportunity to revitalise how they communicate and collaborate in general. Working in partnership with you, our depth of expertise in both business strategy and relational dynamics can help you turn this unforeseen disruption into a catalyst for breakthrough and transformation.

How we can help



We design and host participative environments that deploy your organisation’s collective intelligence around your most important challenges


Annual Events

Are your conferences feeling repetitive & formulaic? We design face-to face and virtual events that reignite passion, inspire creativity and maximise engagement



We are specialists in experiential learning. We tailor creative design to your strategic agenda & have  the events production capacity to turn it into reality



We can help you think differently about virtual conferences.  Our events foster connection, inspire commitment and catalyse performance

Our Approach

Our approach integrates the strategic, relational and creative agenda – tailoring spaces for you and your organisation which generate collective insight, inspiration and transformation

Our Team

Our team brings unrivalled depth and breadth of capability, across a range of areas, including strategic planning, creative roster & design, large scale events production and event facilitation