Transform performance and build resilience

What We Do

To remain resilient in a volatile environment, organisations need to be able to sense and respond to disruption as a whole system. At Living Systems, we call this Connected Intelligence. We help leaders, teams and organisations break through their most critical and complex transformational challenges. Over time we build the collective agility of the organisation, developing its ability to meet disruption, complexity and uncertainty as an effective whole.



  • Leadership & HiPo programmes
  • Management development
  • Assessment & coaching
  • Experiential learning


  • Team effectiveness
  • Transformation planning
  • Breakthrough problem-solving
  • Conflict & group dynamics


  • Organisational transformation
  • Accelerating execution
  • Engagement & mobilisation
  • Culture change


  • Immersive experiences
  • Revitalising annual events
  • Meetings that matter
  • Un-Conferences
standing out from the crowd

We help fast-growing businesses scale without sacrificing agility or innovation

For scaling businesses, we believe there is a different way to scale than traditional mechanistic approaches.  We transform leadership capacity and embed new organisational practices that support whole system change at all levels – within delivery teams and domains, as well as across domains and the whole organisation.  Over time, we help to develop the Connected Intelligence needed to realise the potential of agile systems and processes.

We help traditionally structured organisations keep pace with change

We help mobilise whole ecosystems around complex, transformation challenges. We enable Connected Intelligence, transforming leadership capacity at all levels. Over time, we establish learning & innovation networks that sit alongside and are interconnected with day-to-day operations.  In this way we develop the collective agility needed to remain resilient to future.

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