Harness the power of collective intelligence

How we do it

We develop connected intelligence in leaders, groups and organisations

We have drawn on the latest thinking across a broad range of disciplines to develop a unique approach for leading transformation and developing collective agility. We call it Connected Intelligence. It is rooted in the insight that organisational agility depends not only on effective strategy and execution, but also on fostering open connection and relationships across all of an organisation's boundaries - both internal and external.

When people, groups and organisations are openly connected, they are able to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges together. Whole system learning and adaptation becomes possible. Connection, commitment and collaboration around a common purpose emerges more clearly. With this, breakthrough and innovation become more possible. Whether it's an individual, a group or an organisation, true paradigm shifts and sustainable transformation only happen within an openly connected system.

We develop the capacity for Connected Intelligence by developing collective agility in three distinct and interconnected areas:

•  Mental agility:  ensuring the free flow of information and taking a whole system perspective on problem-solving

•  Relational agility:  fostering open connection and relationships across organisational boundaries

•  Operational agility:  developing the capacity for whole system experimentation, learning and adaptation



We deepen self-awareness and develop, mental, relational and results agility.



We develop the capacity for collective intelligence and enable high performance collaboration.



We enable whole ecosystem transformation and develop collective agility.


Events that

We create unique experiences that inspire, engage and catalyse collective breakthrough.

Connected Intelligence is a unique approach for leading transformation and building agility in complex social systems. It balances planned and emergent change and recognises organisations not only as assets, employees and capabilities — but also as dynamic living systems that have the potential for self-organisation, creativity and resilience.